Marketo API Access

To begin working with Marketo, we need your API credentials and Program Name in order to push conversions over to your system. Marketo requires a few steps, but the API related steps only have to be performed once. Ok, let’s get started.

First you’ll need to login to your Marketo instance and then go to the Admin menu, then to Users and Roles.

Click on the Roles tab, and then New Role and assign the following permissions to the role in the “Access API” group. Be sure to give it a descriptive name like “Convyrtr API Role”, but for this example, we are going to use a generic name of “Example API Role”. Once you have selected the proper Permissions, click the Create button.

  • Read-Write Campaign
  • Read-Write Company
  • Read-Write Opportunity
  • Read-Write Person

Now back to the Users tab and click on Invite New User. Give your user a descriptive name that indicates that it is an API user, as well as an Email Address and click on Next.

Then, check the API Only option and award your user the API role that you just created and click on Next.

To complete the user creation process, click on Send.

Next, go to the Admin menu, then to LaunchPoint.

Click on the New menu and select New Service. Give your service a descriptive name and select Custom from the Service dropdown menu. Give it a description, then select your new user from the API Only User dropdown menu and click on Create.

Click on View Details for your new service to access the Client ID and Client Secret.  These are two of the key elements that we need for API access. Please save those details in a note to give to your Convyrtr Marketing Manager. You can ignore the token field as that’s dynamically generated on access.

Next, go to the Admin menu, then to Web Services. Find the Endpoint in the REST API box and save in a note for now.

Find the Endpoint in the REST API box and save in a note for now.

Now hopefully you are already familiar with creating a Program within Marketo as that is outside the scope of this tutorial, but that is the last step of information that we need. We recommend setting up a new Program for every campaign in order for you to identify and create custom messaging for new leads that we push to your Marketo Programs.

Now simply forward the following information to your Convyrtr Marketing Manager and we will take care of the rest:

  • Rest API Endpoint URL
  • Client ID
  • Client Secret
  • Program Name


  • Rest API Endpoint URL:
  • Client ID: 8d334dsf-11f9-4cda-ac4sdfefesfsfds8b
  • Client Secret: fds4fs3fjj-dsef-32mf946sff-fesf32fs
  • Program Name: E-Book-Compliance-Audit